MinecraftAlt Blog / How to move a Minecraft Account to another email (Microsoft Tutorial)

How to move a Minecraft Account to another email (Microsoft Tutorial)

You've just purchased Personal Minecraft Account and would like to change the email address to yours, which is no easy task with no prior knowledge! That's why we will guide you through the process.

The Tutorial

Starting off, your login will be provided in Email:EmailPassword:MinecraftPassword format. This means if you would like to login to Minecraft, you'll need to use the Email and MinecraftPassword. To login to the Email address, you can go visit:

and utilize the Email and EmailPassword provided to you, to login. All credentials are colon seperated.

Login Format



To change the email of the account of your Microsoft Minecraft Account you need to start off by logging in at login.live.com using the Email and MinecraftPassword provided to you. 

Microsoft Login

If you're asked to provide a code, simply submit the email address and then login to your email as explained above.

Microsoft Login 2fa

Once logged in, navigate to "Security" and then hit Security dashboard.Security

Security Dashboard

Once in the Security dashboard, navigate to Advanced security options.Advanced Security Options

And then proceed to "Add a new way to sign in or verify", and proceed by hitting "Email a code" from which you may add an alternative email address.

Add a new way to sign in or verify

Once added, you'll see your new email address and the old one. Select the old email address, and remove it from the account.


After you've done that, look at the top of your page and visit "Your info", and then click "Edit account info" Your info

Edit account info

Once there, hit "add email" and then once on the "Add an alias page", hit "Add email" of which you put the new email address in, that you just put in before (the email you want the account to be on).Add an existing

Add an existing

After doing this, you'll need to verify the email with a code, so check your email address. After verified, you may hit "make primary" and you can remove the old email.


Congrats! You're now done.

Now when you go to login, please use the email address you changed the account to instead of the one we provided to you. Enjoy your account and feel free to contact us if you run into any trouble!