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Introducing OG 3 Character Minecraft Accounts

After much consideration, we've decided to introduce a new product to our store: OG 3 Character Minecraft Accounts.
These accounts are extremely scarce and are carefully picked by us so that there are no statistics on any servers and additionally feature no prior username history. This results in a clean, fresh OG account for you to use, flex, and enjoy, coming backed by our standard lifetime guarantee and premium 24/7 support that is guaranteed to leave you more than just satisfied.

What is an OG 3 Character Minecraft Account?

An OG 3 Character Account is not much more complicated than it seems. Starting off, the username is 3 characters long and comprises of three letters and numbers - an example of this would be the account 3DR. Due to its scarcity, there is currently no 3 character usernames available to change to. This makes 3 character accounts extremely rare to come across, and therefor give them a great value that will only increase over the coming years. 

How are they obtained?

In order to maintain our standard for 3 Character Accounts, we utilize snipers to snipe the usernames of these accounts. Essentially, 30 days after a user changes their username, the public is given the opportunity to change their name to that username. However, we are able to beat everyone else to the race using automated software in order to ensure that we can secure the username before everyone else. These accounts are sniped onto giftcards purchased directly via Mojang which is able to provide you with the long lasting quality that you deserve. 

Where can I get one?

You may currently purchase an OG 3 Character Account on our shop for only $50. However, if you wish to try your luck at getting your own, you may visit this website and try to change your username as soon as the username is available. However, try and be fast or we might beat you to the race!