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Introducing Optifine Cape Minecraft Accounts

It was a windy, yet fairly cloudy day on the beach - the temperature was not any higher than the average AMD Ryzen processor, yet there was still something yet to be discovered... Optifine Cape Minecraft Accounts! Let's give a warm welcome to our vast selection of Minecraft Alts, Optifine Capes! We're very excited, and here's why you should be fairly excited as well.

What is an Optifine Cape?

An Optifine Cape is an accessory that is purchased separately from Minecraft itself, but rather Optifine. Optifine, is a very widely used Minecraft Enhancement mod that simply multiplies your FPS (Frames Per Second) by optimizing the game as much as it possibly can - with some user required enhancement too. However, Optifine offers for a small "donation" of $10 for a fully customizable Optifine Cape. This cape can be seen only by other people that use the Optifine mod, but don't worry! The Optifine mod has been widely used for years now, and most players use it. 

How can you customize an Optifine Cape?

One may now be wondering - how can the Optifine Cape be customized? Well, inside of Minecraft, all you simply have to do is ensure that you have the Optifine Mod installed (or use a client like Lunar or Badlion), then go into your settings, hit "Skin Customization", then hit Optifine Cape, and then simply click "Open Cape Editor". Now, your Optifine Cape can be customized by uploading a design that you can design from many websites, or, most popularly, NeedCoolShoes.

Where can I get one?

Currently, you may purchase an Optifine Cape Account on our shop for only $17. However, if you wish to donate to Optifine and receive an Optifine Cape from Optifine directly, you may do so at their website! At the end of the day, it is your choice to decide which route you wish to go - and either way works! However we do give a great discount from purchasing from us.