MinecraftAlt Blog / What is a Personal Minecraft Account?

What is a Personal Minecraft Account?

All accounts sold by MinecraftAlt are Personal Minecraft Accounts.

What they are

Also known as a Full Access Minecraft account, Personal Minecraft Accounts are the highest of quality Minecraft Accounts that are best used as a main (person) account or alt (alternative) account of which you can change the skin, password, username and email on as if you had just purchased it directly from Mojang.

Various flavors

These accounts come in various different flavors such as Hypixel Unbanned, Hypixel Ranked, and Hypixel Banned and are bundled with our Lifetime Commitment and Guarantee that you will be able to access the account forever.

How they work

Upon purchasing a Personal Minecraft Account, you will receive a login to your Minecraft Account as well as the login to the secure email address that your account has been put on for you, by us. If you wish to not use the secure email address we provide, you may migrate the account to your own email address. 


We hope this was able to answer your questions! If not, feel free to reach out to our Live Chat agents and we can clarify further for you.