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14 Day Minecraft Account

14 Day Access Key

Play Minecraft Java for a full 14 days with Gamepass, perfectly suited for cheaters needing an affordable account. Set your own username!

Hypixel Banned Minecraft Alt Shop

Hypixel Banned

While this Minecraft Account may be banned from Hypixel, don't let that be a bummer! This is the perfect alt, and we guarantee it will work on other servers.

Minecraft Java + Bedrock Key

Java + Bedrock Key

Grab a brand new Minecraft Key redeemable on the Microsoft website for the most fresh Minecraft experience possible!

Hypixel Unbanned Minecraft Alt Shop

Hypixel Unbanned

Our standard Minecraft Account offers an enticing price and guarantees high satisfaction, with all the bells and whistles you'd expect.

Hypixel Banned Minecraft Alt Shop

Minecraft Dungeons

Get started playing the new Minecraft Dungeon Crawler today on PC for a nice discount and a brand new account, for life!

Hypixel No Stats Minecraft Alts

Hypixel No Statistics

Searching for a squeaky clean Minecraft Account? Or maybe you're a nerd that sits on your computer grinding Bedwars and Skywars all day...? Look no further.

Optifine Cape Minecraft Alt

Optifine Cape

Stand out from your teammates with an insanely cool, fully customizable, Optifine Cape on a regular Hypixel Unbanned Account!

Hypixel Leveled Minecraft Alts

Hypixel Leveled

Too busy to grind for your own statistics? Settle with this Minecraft Alt and we'll take care of all the dirty work for you.

Buy an OG Minecraft Account

OG 3 Character Name

These Minecraft Alts are extremely rare and come with a 3 character name such as 3DR. They also include one of a kind bragging rights!

Hypixel VIP Minecraft Account

Hypixel VIP

Gain access to basic Hypixel perks with a Hypixel VIP Minecraft Alt such as Game Replays, a cool prefix, chat name color, cosmetics, and more.

Hypixel VIP+ Minecraft Account

Hypixel VIP+

Similar to a Hypixel VIP Minecraft Alt, VIP+ gains access to additional Hypixel perks like guilds and even more cosmetics.

Hypixel MVP Alts

Hypixel MVP

Step up your game even further with a Hypixel MVP Minecraft Alt unlocking the ability to punch staff, select maps, fly in lobbies, and be cooler in general.

Hypixel MVP+ Alts

Hypixel MVP+

Why settle for anything less than the best? A Hypixel MVP+ Minecraft Alt unlocks almost all available perks and provides a discount for MVP++.

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Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition

Receive Minecraft Bedrock Edition from us for completely free, forever, included with every single Minecraft Alt purchased from us.


Free Steam Key

Every purchase from MinecraftAlt has the ability to claim a completely free Steam Key as a reward from our Discord.

Buy Skyblock Coins

Hypixel Skyblock Coins

Save 15% on all Coin Purchases from one of the most well-known Hypixel Skyblock Coin sellers and boost your Skyblock Profile today.

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Cheat on Minecraft Servers

Bypass Server Bans

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