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What is a Temporary Minecraft Account?

We understand your confusion and would like to help clear it up.

What they are

Also known as a Non Full Access or a Semi Full Access Minecraft Account, Temporary Minecraft Accounts are accounts mainly used for temporary use cases such as cheating on servers like Hypixel, and not as a Personal Minecraft Account which you may learn about in our other blog post.

Why they're temporary

These accounts are temporary because Mojang typically locks all access to them after around a week, but this time period may be either longer or shorter. This means that you will no longer be able to login to the account after that, which is why we suggest purchasing a Personal Minecraft Account if you need permanent access. 

Where to get them

If you've decided that a Temporary Minecraft Account is solution that you desire you can do so at our partner Alts.TOP. They sell a variety of different types of Temporary Minecraft Accounts. Alternatively, if you'd like to get one for free you may generate one at our other partner, FreeAlts.PW.